About Drawn Out’s Story

DRAWN OUT will be available to download and view on these platforms so stay tuned for updates:

Drawn out

Alpha v.1.0.2


In this world, the very facets of creation are Drawn and the two pencil brothers TISAT the ERASER and SKRIBLEKINS the DRAWER have overseen life in CANVEL LIBRARY home of the legendary CRYSTAL CANVAS!

Unfortunately, tensions rise as the creative spark of the world quickly devolves into artistic chaos! Now the inhabitants of the world can change the world itself using the power given to them by the elusive PENCILS…

Frustrated, TISAT begins to loathe the creatures of the world as they vandalize the creations he made with his brother. After a great disagreement, TISAT cast SKRIBLEKINS far into the pixel desert so he could have full control of the world once and for all!

In a race for time, SKRIBLEKINS finally wakes from his dormant state puzzled by what he sees but with greater motivation to return to his brother and make amends….


The Making Of The Drawn Out Story:

The first pitch for the game’s story was actually pitched along side two other potential game ideas that could in their own right become games of their own. The best story idea ended up winning the three-way contest and is the ‘Drawn Out’ narrative that is in the main foundations for the game itself.

The core of the story was created with the two main characters in mind (The Eraser and Pencil Brothers) as well as the idea of the world itself being a product of their own creation, just like how people bring ‘drawings to life’ and their own ‘style’ through creating artwork. The reason pencils were used as the foundational style for the world to be created from was because the tool of a pencil and a canvas were classic and fit the theme the story needed to contrast the newer styles to a style that has been around for a longer time (hand drawn pencil animation) which is one of the reasons the variations in style are meant to be more jarring.

The ‘style and deviation’ plot points were established to make room for visually different characters and scenarios which would question the nature of the world and the drawings themselves being brought to life, as well as the concept that the drawings themselves have influence over the world through the creation and spread of their own respective styles, which in turn creates a domino effect of creativity and styles in the world to the point where chaos could realistically take over completely if given too much power.

The conflict was also born from the different interpretations the pencil brothers had towards the fact that the world could be influenced by their own drawings as some of them do have the ability to create branching styles that ‘corrupt’ the standard core pencil style that holds the world together.

To keep everything balanced I conceived an object in the world which would be directly responsible for the creation of living drawings called the ‘crystal canvas’ due to the fact it’s located in the library that holds the pencil brothers, and since it acts like a canvas and holds all the magical power only the pencil brothers have access to it which is why it made sense to make it a foundational source for all the conflict between the two brothers.

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