Welcome to the Official ‘Drawn Out’ website where you can discover more about the upcoming indie game 2D platformer!

A 2D Platforming Adventure!

This game is a 2D platforming adventure filled with many scenes and elements that take inspiration from the platforming ‘greats’.

Explore Different Styles!

Looks can be deceiving and here there are many locals and art styles to explore and admire as the balance between the creative visions of the world clash and meet.

Engage With The World!

The world itself can be seen as a canvas to play in, every scene has a purpose and aim, it is your job to traverse the world as you see fit.

Save The World Of Drawn Out!

This world is in imminent danger from the forces of the enemy, you must resolve the conflict and save all in the hope of getting to the very end.

What is a ‘Drawn Out’?


The game ‘Drawn Out’ is a 2D side-scrolling and variety action-adventure narrative-based game where you play as the lead end of a pencil traversing the multi-medial land, meeting and aiding NPCs in hopes of finding your way back to make amends with your brother.


Action Adventure, 2D Platformer

Our Aims

Visual Approach

‘Variety and Ties to Story’

We aim to show a variety of styles and animation practices in ways that are seen as interesting and add to the richness of the game world and characters itself.

Mechanical Approach

‘Fun and it’s Engagement’

‘If it’s not fun why bother’, is the approach we take when making the interactable elements of the game enjoyable to the greatest amount of people who want the game to feel responsive and fun.


‘The Target and Beyond’

We hope to be able to make a game that gravitates towards everyone despite the demographic however the main sense we prioritize is fun and intrigue when it comes to the game mechanics and visual styles.

Where Will You Go?

The game is divided into three distinct sections, until which one will last?

Section 1

The first section of the game is evidently one of the most easy but do not let that cool you off, the pixel desert is the home of the most treacherous terrain and bosses in all the game!

Section 2

The second section throws you off for a loop and is where you explore various minigames and varying styles to the fullest! Get all the keys and proceed or forever stay in hiding as the world falls.

Section 3

The third and final section is where you will be put to the test and aim to resolve the built up conflict of this tale, will you make it to the end or fail trying to put the world back into balance?

“The best part about working on this game right now is the fact that it is so varied and presents various ways to solve problems, especially in the creation progress, so variety is the true lifeblood of Drawn Out when it comes to it.”

Drawn Out Dev

Look out for Drawn Out Coming Soon!

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