About Drawn Out Production


Drawn Out has a cycle of production that revolves around playtest feedback and current objectives which means that assets are usually made first only then to be imported to the engine to be given mechanical value in the game, the cycle continues until the game is complete!

Drawn Out’s production includes the way the game was made as well as how and where the game ideas and concepts were conceived, which includes the places and methodologies that allow the game creation to occur and the code language that allows it. The game original soundtrack is all developed on GarageBand by the sole developer which is then exported into the engine as well. The game code is written with C # with the help of the JetBrains Rider extension to help smooth production time. Unity is used as the engine of choice while X, YouTube and Instagram are used as social media platforms.


Drawn Out was created with the help of the University of Southampton Winchester campus studio as well as in-house spaces to account for both practical work to do with promotional material and digital work to do with new game builds and digital media listings (social media, websites, trailers, etc.). Currently, Drawn Out will no longer make use of course specified spaces and materials for continued development as the timeframe of the course has ceased despite continuation of the Drawn Out game. The studio will now remain exclusively in-house in an indie developer state.


The game engine that runs ‘Drawn Out’ is Unity (version 2022.3.9f1) and the 2D assets and animation cycles work in turn with Unity’s in-built animator and sprite renderers.

Mac and Windows (with consideration of more platforms) are being built and accounted for while still using the Unity engine as a base for the hub of the game. Unity 2D will continue to be the main platform ‘Drawn Out’ uses to function and play adequately without any emulation from other engine software or potential game making software.


The art and asset creation is made using multiple sources and platforms working in unison so unlike an engine it will vary based on use. Main software applications that fuelled the creation of ‘Drawn Out’s visual assets would be Ibis Paint X, FlipaClip, Resprite, ClipStudio and Adobe Illustrator for importing purposes. Most art was created on an MED or Tablet to account for the tight time schedule while keeping file types the same acceptable format that would work with the Unity engine. Potential Adobe integration or full-time ClipStudio integration is being discussed but currently all of ‘Drawn Out’ is made through heavy use of M.E.D applications on IOS.


The current plan for platforms that will host ‘Drawn Out’ would have to be the sites Itch.io and Steam on a digital basis. These two platforms hosting the game will make it widely accessible for people on both of those platforms on PC no matter if they own a Mac or a Windows device. To have the most amount of players have access to the game is the main priority and if any miraculous occasion arises other platforms shall be accounted for in a potential future…

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The continued production of the game will be documented and updated on both the host sites of the games as well as the official Drawn Out website here. Updates and production notes may also be accounted for on social media listings as well as the potential updates of the development log in that respective section on the Drawn Out site.

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